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More and more of my massage clients come to me with shoulder pain. This can be caused by anything from sitting at a desk all day or sleeping in an awkward position. Even doing a bit of decorating can aggravate the muscles.

Living day to day with a dull ache in your shoulder can affect your whole life. It affects your ability to concentrate and causes you to have disturbed sleep. It also makes exercise feel harder than it already is.

To get the best possible outcome from your massage for your shoulder pain, I will work on your whole back and both shoulders. Sometimes the pain is just a symptom of an issue in another area of your back. Or sometimes your back will start to feel tension as it tries to help take more of the burden from your shoulders.

During the massage, we will work together to find the cause of your pain and discuss ways in which you can help outside of the massage.

These could be:

  • Taking shorts breaks away from your desk during the day
  • Learning to be aware of when you hunch your shoulders
  • Sit with a cushion behind your lower back
  • Taking a few deep breaths in order to relax and feel your shoulders drop
  • Managing stress levels
  • Training yourself to sleep in a different position
  • Bending with your knee, not your back

A reduction in pain/discomfort and release of muscle tensions are some of the many benefits of having a regular massage. It also helps to improve your overall health and well-being as well as enhancing your quality of life and the decisions you make each day. This will also have an affect on the life of your loved ones.

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massage for shoulder pain - lady with hand on her shoulder in pain