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The Benefits of a Sports Massage

The benefits of a sports massage are endless and you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy them. Anyone who spends their days sitting at a desk or carrying out a manual job can also benefit from having a sports massage. The benefits of a sports massage include: Stress Relief The body produces unhealthy […]


What Exactly Is Self-Care?

‘What exactly is self-care?’ is probably something that has been googled a lot. Self-care is the latest ‘thing’ that we should all be doing. So, what exactly is self-care and how do we do it? For me, self-care is about looking after myself mentally as well as physically. It’s making time to focus on me. […]


It’s Mental Health Awareness Week – Is Massage Good For Mental Health?

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and I’ve been asked the question “is massage good for mental health?” quite often. The simple answer is yes! Massage is good for mental health, it does more than just help with muscle soreness or sports injuries. The challenges of daily life can affect our sleep, our work, our eating […]