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Welcome to Sara Lucy Morgan, Sports Massage Practitioner.
Sports massage is for everyone, not just for athletes or sporty-types! Ever had an achy back or achy shoulders from sitting at your desk all day or working in the garden? Sports massage can help with that.
Massage isn’t a luxury, it’s an investment for your future.



Deep Tissue Massage

What is deep tissue massage? It’s a type of massage that focuses on the deep layers of muscle in the body. It works by using slow and firm massage strokes that concentrates the pressure a lot de[...]

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Do I Really Need A Morning Routine?

A morning routine… do I really need one? What should I do? What time should I wake up? Are there rules? There is so much buzz at the moment about having a morning routine. Claims are being made [...]

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How To Stay Healthy This Winter

“Winter Is Coming” (Sorry, I couldn’t write a blog about winter without including that) How do I stay healthy this winter? Can I make it to Spring without getting a cold? How do I no[...]

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I would recommend Sara as she cares about her clients and is invested in their recovery. She makes a full assessment before starting treatment and is clear about what she is doing throughout the treatment. Sarah
Brilliant massage from Sara and follow-on advice on how to maintain a healthy, fit body. Highly recommended.Victor
I highly recommend Sara for a sports massage, she is very professional, makes you feel comfortable and relaxed and is very good at distracting you through the painful parts! I’m running a 34 mile ultra on Saturday and all the training has left my legs tight and sore. Thanks to Sara they now feel a lot better and I’m ready to tackle the run!Clare