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Yesterday I went to a hot yoga class for the first time in about 6 weeks. I loved yoga and had really missed going. I can’t believe I haven’t been for so long when it makes me feel so damn good *slaps self*

Hot yoga is basically yoga with heat lamps on. It makes you sweat and it makes flexibility a bit easier. I am pretty flexible anyway thanks for 10 years of Taekwondo so yoga is helping me to improve it. It’s also nice to get out of the house and spend time with like minded people.

We did a few new poses during the class. I didn’t think I’d be able to do this one when the teacher demonstrated it. My natural instinct is to doubt my abilities without just giving it a go first.

Hot yoga
Nailed it!
I still have a long way to go to get to this without falling on my face. 
Bendy bendy
And I need to find someone to be willing to try out this one…
I wonder if he’s single?!
I am also getting into meditation as it helps to focus the mind. It also brings me back to what’s important in life. My mind gets carried away sometimes and I overthink too much. This can trigger my anxiety and send me into a bit of a spin.
Yoga and meditation are renowned for helping you to slow down and listen to your instincts. This is something I need in my life so am going to try to keep doing both.
(Image by Katee Lue and Bekir Dönmez on Unsplash)