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A morning routine… do I really need one? What should I do? What time should I wake up? Are there rules?

There is so much buzz at the moment about having a morning routine. Claims are being made that highly productive people are successful because of their morning routine. I’m not here to say whether I believe that or not but I’ve found having a structured morning really helps me to focus the rest of my day.

Wakey Wakey!

I usually wake up between 6:30am – 7am or when my dog, Winston, decides it’s wake up time. You should wake up at a time that suits you and your body. If getting up at 5am works for you then great but if it turns you into a zombie then maybe give it a miss and try a later time instead. I have friends with children that like to get up an hour before the kiddies wake up so they feel like they’ve achieved something before their day is hijacked.

Don’t hit the snooze button! It messes with your sleep cycles and can leave you feel drowsy all day. You can’t fall into deep sleep when you snooze so it doesn’t count towards your total for the night either.

Rise and Shine

Lots of articles will tell you to make your bed straight away as you’re starting the day by ticking off something on your to-do list as soon as you’ve got up. Others are now saying that an unmade bed means the mites, dead skin, sweat etc will be exposed to fresh air and light and your bed will be healthier. Who knows which is better?!

All I know is that if I don’t make my bed first thing then I hear my mum’s voice in the back of my head telling me off. I also prefer to make the bed first thing otherwise I’ll spend the rest of the day reminding myself that I haven’t made the bed yet.

Gadget Avoidance

Waking up and then sticking your head in your phone is probably not the best idea. Give yourself time to wake up and gather your thoughts first. Most people use the alarm clock app on their phone so avoiding it first thing can be tricky. I’ve managed to train myself not to go on social media for the first hour or so but I will check messages. I avoid emails until I’m ready to start work.

Drink All The Water

As soon as I’ve leapt (fallen) out of bed each day, I drink a big ol glass of water. I try to drink 2 litres of water each day on top of my many buckets of tea so this one first thing gives me a head start.

Get The Blood Pumpin’!

My first exercise of the day is walking Winston. I always aim for a brisk walk but he’s getting on a bit now so sometimes we just bimble along while he sniffs stuff. Other days he decides to try a bit of running but this is usually on our way home. He’s never been a big fan of our morning walk especially if it’s raining. Sometimes I put his harness on him and he wanders off back to bed.

I like to get my exercise over and done with first thing otherwise I know it’s coming all day long. I’ll either go for a run or do yoga after Winston’s walk. I’ve always found that I run better in the evening but then I struggle to get to sleep that night.

Clean And Fed

Next I have a shower and get dressed. After this I’m usually starving so it’s breakfast and a cuppa tea time! My go-to breakfast is fruit, homemade granola and Greek yoghurt – I love it and it keeps me full for a few hours.

Learn Baby Learn

I love to learn whether it’s listening to a podcast, watching a TED talk, reading a ‘self-help’ book or studying towards a qualification. Most days I watch a TED talk or something like that on YouTube while eating my breakfast. And some days I’ll listen to a podcast during my run.

Write It Down

Every day I open my journal and write the following:

  • 10 things I’m proud of myself for or things I’m grateful for (within the last 24 hours)
  • Something I’m looking forward to/excited about today
  • What step can I take towards my goal today

This takes 5-10 minutes and sets up my day in a positive way. It means that I’m always looking out for things to be grateful for or to pat myself on the back about. I also write a to-do list for the day or jot down some thoughts/feelings.

Zone Out

Meditation is a big part of my daily routine and one thing that I always make time for. It gives me 10-15 minutes to stop thinking (mostly) and just sit calmly.

And On With The Day

This might seem a lot to do each morning but it doesn’t really take that long. I don’t do it all religiously every morning as it depends on what’s in my diary. However, I will make sure I fit it in throughout the day. Some days I can’t function without having a cuppa tea first so that takes priority!

Over To You…

The best morning routine is one that is tailored to you and your life. If you want to create one then give it a go but remember to tweak it as you go as it’s not set in stone.

Add a comment below or drop me a message and let me know how you get on!

(Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash)

Do I really need a morning routine? - Dog yawning.