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What is deep tissue massage? It’s a type of massage that focuses on the deep layers of muscle in the body. It works by using slow and firm massage strokes that concentrates the pressure a lot deeper than classic massage therapy.

Unlike other massage techniques that focus on relaxation, deep tissue massage helps to treat muscle pain and improve stiffness. It may also promote faster healing by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation. Don’t worry, it can still help to you unwind mentally too.

During your massage, I might find ‘knots’ in the muscle. These are small, bump-like areas of muscle that can be painful to the touch. The medical term for muscle knots is myofascial trigger points. These knots occur when muscle fibers, or the bands of tissue called fascia underneath them, tense and tighten.

I will work on the ‘knot’ to help ease the tension, this can be a bit uncomfortable but the outcome more than out ways this. Your massage will never be painful though.

Undergoing regular deep tissue massage sessions helps teach the body to repair itself by manipulating the connective tissues. I have a lot of clients who book a massage every 4 – 6 weeks in order to maintain the health of their muscles.

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Sara with deep tissue massage client