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Today I decided to take Winston to Sugarloaf Mountain for some fresh air and a bit of exercise.

I’ve climbed Sugarloaf a few times with my ex-husband but never on my own. The thought of doing so has always made me feel scared and I would come up with all sorts of excuses why I couldn’t do it. I have now changed that and feel pretty proud of myself.

We had a quick look at the map in the car park.
I am here… apparently!

Onwards and upwards…

I couldn’t quite remember which paths to take so I decided to wing it and see what happened. Usually this would put me on edge and I wouldn’t enjoy myself but not today. Today was awesome!
Sugarloaf Mountain
We took our time and enjoyed our surroundings. I reluctantly let Winston off the lead, he loves to run around like a nutter. This is another thing that makes me anxious… he could run off, he could get lost, he could decide never to come back to me. Those are a few of the things that constantly go around and around in my head until I put him back on the lead. Insane right?!
Sugarloaf Mountain Trig Point
Trig point at the top
There were a few people at the top already so I found a quiet spot for me and Winston to just sit. The views are breathtaking, I live in a beautiful part of the World.
Perfect view for tea and biscuits


The walk is about 5km and it was 5km of pure heaven.

Me and my favourite walking buddy.

I am planning to do more mountain walks on my own so think I need to buy a map… and then learn how to read one. I’m sure it can’t be that hard.

Today I kicked myself a bit further out of my comfort zone and I rocked it!