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It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and I’ve been asked the question “is massage good for mental health?” quite often. The simple answer is yes! Massage is good for mental health, it does more than just help with muscle soreness or sports injuries.

The challenges of daily life can affect our sleep, our work, our eating habits and our relationships. As well as affecting our bodies, stress also affects our mental well-being and happiness. Massage is good for your mental health in the following ways:

Calms the mind – not only does massage help to relax the body but it also helps to relax the mind. A massage encourages you to just switch off and enjoy the treatment.

Improves sleeps – massage helps increase blood circulation and lower heart rate. Both help you have a good nights sleep which is important for mental health.

Relieves headaches – a lot of tension is held in our shoulders and neck which can cause headaches. Massage helps to release the tension and allow the muscles to relax.

Reduces stress – massage can help to lower the level of the stress hormone cortisol which is responsible for anxiety, increased blood pressure, impaired memory and other mental health issues. It also releases endorphins such as serotonin and dopamine which help with depression.

Promotes positive body awareness – massage gives you the time to listen to your body and connect with it. Releasing tension, muscle pain, cramps, headaches, joint pain or inflammations will make your body a happier place to live.

Self care – this is vitally important and can start with as little as making time for yourself without gadgets or other distractions. Prioritise yourself and click here to book your massage appointment.

If you would like help with your mental well-being then please click here to visit the Mind Cymru website.